What our customers write about us

Samantha MacDonald


The team at Masters Duct Cleaning was fabulous! They were very professional and helpful! They were on time and did a very thorough job! I would HIGHLY recommend this service!

Shuby Duan


A competing duct company did some other work at my house and complimented how clean our ducts were. These guys did a very good job.

Zaida Nicolau


This company deserves the highest accolades for doing a completely thorough and professional job. We have had other companies in the past... they do not compare. 5-star quality, 5-star performance. 
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Shawn Eastman


Everything, from the original call, though the completion of the service was seamless, efficient, and effective. I understand why this fine company has received the reviews it has; well deserved.
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George K.


Robert was awesome. He quickly diagnosed the problem and fixed it with rapidity. He climbed into very tight spaces, both in the attic and behind the dryer. He was very professional and told me immediately he would have it fixed. Five stars for sure.
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Son Nguyen


Great explanation of the process. Pictures and videos made everything clear. Very professional.
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Private Customer


Great Job! The dryer works like new! Didn't realize I  just needed to clear out the ductwork!!!
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Valecia Stewart


Clean and thorough.
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